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Vehicle and Event Graphics

Top and Bottom Right: Sports Rack Vehicle Graphics Fourteen Chevrolet sponsored vehicle fleet to attend events ranging from bicycle tours to auto shows. The vehicles were only half wrapped to save a considerable amount of money and the final design grabs attention in an economic fashion. The layout needed to be compatible with 4 very different paint colors, as well as, still work when applied to 5 different vehicle models (Avalanche, Blazer, Silverado, Suburban, and Tahoe).

Bottom Left: Reeg MX Event Banners Two versions of the banner were produced with one listing the race team's sponsors to be hung in the pits where the team prep'd the bikes. The other version was produced in larger quantities and displayed around the track during a race as part of an event sponsorship agreement. Fans seemed to appreciate them intensely as they were often "liberated" from the track by the end of race day.